.IE Domain name Disputes – Decisions

546  unitedlocksmiths.ie  10/09/2019  United Locksmiths Ltd      Garret McPhillips      Decision  Denied
549 bondara.ie 18/10/2019 Nagook Limited Playblue Limited Decision Transfer Domain
569 justpark.ie 02/02/2020 JustPark Parking Ltd Parkpnp Ltd Decision Transfer Domain
572 wildkerry-daytours.ie 01/03/2020 O Connor Autotours Ltd CONSTANTIN MORARU Decision Transfer Domain
578 Irishcerts.ie 01/03/2020 Births Deaths Marriages Limited Highbird Limited Decision Denied
574 births-marriages-deaths.ie 09/03/2020 Births Deaths Marriages Limited Patricia McManus Decision Transfer Domain
587 brownbin.ie 29/04/2020 CRE Composting Association of Ireland CLG Shane Hanafin Decision Transfer Domain
598 screenguard.ie 13/08/2020 Screenguard Ireland Limited The Other Side Limited Decision Denied
602 superprof.ie 20/10/2020 Superprof SAS Laurence Patrick O'Neill Decision Transfer Domain
611 skywire.ie 04/12/2020 Skywire Ltd. Sinisa Bonaca Decision Denied
615 tus.ie 31/05/2021 LIMERICK INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Ross Geoghegan Decision Denied
616 seapointleisure.ie 23/06/2021 Oldside Enterprises Ltd. Tool Domains OOD Decision Transfer Domain
620 jam.ie 03/09/2021 Jamie Murphy Tool Domains OOD Decision Transfer Domain
627 isi.ie 31/01/2022 Insolvency Service of Ireland BT Communications Decision Denied
630 nphet.ie and niac.ie 10/03/2022 Department of Health Damian McMenamin Decision Transfer Domain
631 activitynation.ie 04/03/2022 Activity Nation Limited Jorge Oliveira Decision Transfer Domain
636 daftmortgages.ie 28/03/2022 Daft Media Limited Eamon Lynch Decision Transfer Domain
641 quickhomes.ie 24/08/2022 Quick Homes Manufacturing Limited Tony Boyle Decision Transfer Domain
646 randoxhealth.ie 17/10/2022 Randox Teoranta Udith Aroshana Kurupanawa Gamage Decision Transfer Domain
650 renthero.ie 24/10/2022 Daft Media Limited Rentola Ireland ApS Decision Denied
651 rentola.ie 24/10/2022 Daft Media Limited Reva Media ApS Decision Denied
653 fujifilm.ie 17/10/2022 FUJIFILM CORPORATION Tool Domains OOD Decision Transfer Domain
666 naturalhygiene.ie 10/02/2023 Natural Hygiene Limited Dave Lahart Decision Transfer Domain
670 distinct.ie 17/02/2023 FTI Consulting Management Solutions Limited All Island Media Limited Decision Denied
681 healthcare-abroad.ie 06/05/2023 Your Healthcare Abroad Limited Noel Smith Decision Transfer Domain
688 petsinthecity.ie 25/05/2023 Limelight Public Relations Limited Tool Domains OOD Decision Transfer Domain

Services Offered


A trained independent Mediator will help the parties find a fair, amicable resolution. 


A Decision on a dispute is made by a qualified domain dispute Specialist at NetNeutrals.
A Decision can result in the .ie domain registration being transferred to you, or the deletion of the domain, or no action being taken at all (if the dispute is refused).


A qualified domain dispute Specialist can provide a non-binding Opinion on the dispute subject matter.Note that no action is taken against the domain registration in this instance.
‚Äč Fill out the form if you are having trouble opening a case or if you have another question about our process. We will review your case and get back to you as soon as possible.

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