IEDR Domain name Disputes – Fees

 Service  Fee per case  Payable by
 Mediation Only  €200 plus VAT  Complainant
 Summary Decision  €200 plus VAT  Complainant
 Specialist Opinion (see Note below)  €700 or €200 plus VAT  Complainant
 Specialist Decision  €750 plus VAT   Complainant
 Appeal by a Three Member Panel  €3,000 plus VAT  Party requesting Appeal

Specialist Opinion Fee may be reduced to €200 if the dispute is deemed to be simple.  When the complaint is registered a review will be taken to ascertain the level of work expertise required and the fee collected will be adjusted if necessary.

Services Offered


A trained independent Mediator will help you and the domain holder find a fair, amicable resolution. The Mediator will help keep discussions constructive, so you can resolve the dispute quickly. Note that Mediation is optional.


A Decision on a dispute is made by a qualified domain dispute Specialist at Net Neutrals.
A Decision can result in the .ie domain registration being transferred to you, or the deletion of the domain, or no action being taken at all (if the dispute is refused).
Note that if the domain holder fails to acknowledge the dispute, the fees payable to Net Neutrals will be reduced as only one party’s input will need to be considered. (Summary Decision)


You can ask a qualified domain dispute Specialist for a non-binding Opinion on the dispute subject matter.
This may be helpful if you are considering submitting a dispute through the Alternative Dispute Resolution Process or are considering escalating the matter through the Irish Court Service.
Note that no action is taken against the domain registration in this instance.

‚Äč Fill out the form if you are having trouble opening a case or if you have another question about our process. We will review your case and get back to you as soon as possible.

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NetNeutrals EU is an approved Dispute Resolution body under the European Union (Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes) Regulations 2015