The average length of the process varies, based on the Rules of the Program and regulatory guidelines. Please read the applicable Rules for information on your particular dispute.

In eBay IFR the scheme understands the parties in dispute have already made efforts to resolve the issues through direct negotiation. These cases are decided in seven days. In other schemes the Rules provide for direct negation, which is usually one week or less. Mediation may continue as long as the Professional Mediator believes progress is being made. The average length of time may be fourteen to twenty days.

Adjudication, or Arbitration, is conducted more quickly. Because the facts of the dispute have already been detailed, this action is usually concluded in about seven days.

Cases handled by post require additional time for delivery of documents. An average of forty-five days is required.

Under EU regulations all cases are to be resolved in 90 days from the initiation of the dispute to resolution.

For more information on the ADR process, please visit our How it Works or FAQs section.
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